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and other economic relief efforts
We are relentlessly commited to uniting organizations and donors in the fight against COVID-19 through verified, community-based efforts.
Support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Our verified impact offerings support and aim to solve for the SDGs set forth by the United Nations.
Provide Maternal Health Services
Provide Essential Health Services
Provide Child Health Services
Pounds of Ocean Trash Removed
Hybrid Energy System for Household
Latrine Retrofitting
Prepare Warm Meals for Frontline Service Members
Plant One Dense Forest Tree
Plant Coffee Trees
Internet Access for Rural Communities
Provide Hygiene Kits to Vulnerable Communities
Latrine Installation
Ultrasounds for Pregnant Women
Cover Living Expenses for Individuals
Meal Delivery to Populations in Need
Training and Soap for Rural Communities in Need
Solar Panels for Rural Households
Deliver Meals to People in Need
Rescued Baby Turtle
Wealth Creation for Women in Need
Regenerative Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers
Preparation and Delivery of Meals to Communities in Need
Plant Forest Trees
Source and Deliver Meals to Communities in Need
Month of Rhino Calf Protection
Soap for Communities in Need
Reproductive Health Care
Ocean Trash Beach Removal
Transport Patients for Emergency Care
Provide Clean Water Access
Individuals with Rural Bridge Access
Provide Meal and Hygiene Parcels
Trees Planted
Train Refugees for Employment
Provisions for Families in Need
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