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Philanthropic giving and impact funding programs you can trust
Next-generation impact funding
Harness the power of blockchain technology to construct innovative sustainability programs
Data-driven visualization
Your verified impact, backed by unit-level data, is brought to life via an interactive, visual dashboard
Customization is a click away
Build a customized portfolio from our library of verified impact in just a few clicks
Our Process
We provide you with easy-to-use tools, including an interactive dashboard, to showcase your impact to customers and stakeholders
The value of verification
Access verified impact around the globe - and the granular-level data to link your corporate donations to unit-level outputs
Humanized experience
By bringing individual events to corporate funders, we deliver a transparent, data-driven experience, allowing you to see the impact your donation delivered
Impact that tells a story
An interactive dashboard will tell your powerful, unique story. Convey your granular and global social impact at a glance. Track your contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals.
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